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Via - Smarter Shared Rides


Via is a smarter way to get around your city. Ride anywhere within our service area for a low flat fare. Using the Via app, book a premium ride that costs little more than the subway and is cheaper than a taxi or Uber!Our revolutionary technology allows passengers to seamlessly share their ride with others going their way. Book a ride and in under a second our powerful algorithm matches you with a premium vehicle that will pick you up on your corner in about 5 minutes. Think of Via as on-demand transit - a tech-enabled bus that comes to the corner when and where you need it.
Cities we serve:- NYC (Manhattan, Williamsburg, and local airports), Chicago, and Washington D.C. - Always ride for a low flat fare: from $5 in NYC, $3.95 in Chicago, and $2.95 in DC.
How does Via work?- Via is an on-demand transit system that takes multiple passengers heading in the same direction and books them into a shared vehicle. Using the Via app, input your address and we’ll match you with a vehicle going your way. We’ll pick you up on a nearby corner and drop you off within a few blocks of your requested destination. Our smart algorithms provide trip times that are comparable to other car services (yellow taxi, cab, Uber, Lyft, Gett, black car) and much more convenient than public transportation (subway, train, bus), even with multiple pick-ups along the way.
How long will I wait?- Our average wait time is 5 minutes and you'll always get an accurate estimate of your pick-up ETA before booking. You can also track your car in real time in the app.
How many passengers will I share a car with?- The number of passengers you will share a ride with varies depending on the make and model of the Via-cle picking you up! Capacities range from 3-6 passengers per Via-cle.
Commuter Benefits?-You can pay for Via with a variety of commuter benefits debit cards including WageWorks, TransitChek, Beniversal, eTRAC, Commuter Check, Benefit Strategies, Ameriflex, TRANServe, and Zenefits. Members using commuter benefits debit cards always ride in cars that seat six or more. Why take public transportation (subway, train, or bus) when you can take a premium, convenient ride for only a few dollars more?
Riding with Via costs just a few dollars more than the bus and is cheaper than a taxi or Uber. After your first five rides, keep riding for the lowest price available when you prepay (prepaying is easy - just buy Ride Credit in your app). Without prepayment, rides incur an additional $2 surcharge in NYC & Chicago and an additional $1 surcharge in DC.
Try the on-demand transit app that is smarter than the subway, better than the bus, and cheaper than a taxi or Uber. We look forward to having you ride with us!
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